After days of stressful work and pressure, visitors tend to find nature to enjoy the moments close to nature, immersed in the wilderness with fresh air, explore mysterious things and not forget to experience other interesting things. Ma Da Forest – The beautiful land of Dong Nai – is the ideal destination for visitors on Tours in Vietnam to discover nature.

Ma Da is a forest in the area of Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province and is only 90 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Ma Da is associated with the fierce anti-American war and contains legendary stories. Today, Ma Da is not only a historical site but also attracts tourists on Vietnam package Tours and backpackers to explore the immense primitive forest, to be close to nature.

The appropriate time to explore Ma Da is from October to June, this is a relatively dry, cool time for you to enjoy exploring the beautiful land of the land of Dong Nai.

Journey to Ma Da will make you be captivated by the beautiful street with the beautiful, poetic and rustic scenery. You can watch the free flow of the Dong Nai River, enjoy the rich beauty of the vast rice fields, the hills undulating.

The 10 km long forest road through the ranger station will be a challenging and difficult road. But if you have courage, confidence, and willingness, then the road will not be able to block you.

Ma Da appears with green color full of vitality. It is the green color of the old bushes, the old trees, and the young leaves. You will be more surprised and overwhelmed by the beauty of nature here, as if you are getting lost on the way to the magical green world – the world that you only see in fairy forests.

You will easily recognize the species of trees in the middle of this land as Lagerstroemia, rosewood, oil wood, … and a variety of wild vegetables, other precious herbs. At the same time, Ma Da forest is home to many species of insects and wildlife. You can see colorful butterflies flying, small squirrels on trees.

Step by step wandering in Ma Da, you will have a chance to explore the exciting things, stunned by the large trees, in front of the wildflowers blooming and see the green so much that you forget the time, forget about the way back.

In the early morning, the Ma Da forest sparkle lightly with countless golden sunshine. The rays of sunlight penetrating the leaves, scatter the thin mist and warm the forest. You will be surprised to see the leaves swaying in the winds, in the harmonious sound of the song from the birds.

You will also be immersed in a great space, enjoy the magic moments and longing for time is suspended forever at that moment. You will feel the peaceful and gentle flow of emotions. Your soul seems also purified, no longer worry about the troubles, anxiety but always feels good and optimistic.

Come to Ma Da, you can also visit Tri An Lake to see the tranquil, romantic and lyrical scenery here. Quiet water will also bring you sweet emotion, an inspiration to your heart and let you be free to adventure in the same nature.

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In this place, tourists on Vietnam Private Tour will be transformed into a fisherman, try fishing, catch shrimp and enjoy specialties from wild nature such as shrimp cooked with wild vegetables, dried fish with mango salad, forest vegetables, sour fish bamboo shoots hot pot. This will be a simple meal, containing many beautiful memories and will make you remember forever.

Alternatively, you can also stop the camping tent overnight, burning campfire and watch the stars. The night is quiet, fanciful amidst deserted space, different from the glittering lights and the bustle of the city. Every moment in Ma Da will be unforgettable. Ma Da Forest will bring you a unique experience.