Dwelling behind the hills of Dong Nai Province, Da Han Waterfall attracts visitors by the serenity of the village and the gentle nature of the tropical nature. As a painting of the countryside, Da Han Waterfall is showing up with fragrant greenswards stretching, cool stones, and countless luxuriant fruits in the orchard. Da Han Waterfall sparkle in the midst of the prairie, spreading the freshness of life to a wilderness area.

How to reach Da Han

Da Han Waterfall is located in Trang Bom Town, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, about 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City.  From Saigon, you drive along Highway 1A, into the town of Trang Bom, coming to Trang Bom Cultural House (or Trang Bom District People’s Committee).

At the junction of Cay Gao which is opposite the Cultural House about 100 m, located next to Trang Bom Town Police Headquarters, you turn into a small unnamed road. You continue to go about 3 km, you will see a signpost to Da Han waterfall. Continuing to turn left into the road at the foot of the signpost, go straight through the romantic Song May lake about 5 km, you will reach Da Han.

Enjoy Da Han Waterfall

Coming to Da Han Waterfall, you have to buy a ticket, ticket price: From Monday to Friday is 15,000 VND / ticket, on weekend is 20,000 VND / ticket, on holidays is 25,000VND / ticket. Ticket for Children is 5,000VND less than adults.

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Stepping into the entrance of Da Han Waterfall, you will feel like you are getting lost in a peaceful countryside with hibiscus flower hedges along the way, far away are the fields of sweet potatoes waiting for harvest. Hidden in the midst of fields is Rattan cottage brilliant under the sun. Sometimes, the wind brings the grass flavor and cool water vapor lightly massaging the face to dissolve all fatigue and tension on the conquest of Da Han.

The road to Da Han waterfall lined the stone steps brought from under the waterfall, smooth and cool. Interlaced stone steps are green grass, and wildflowers sometimes spreading the fragrance of the countryside.

On the way to explore Da Han waterfall, visitors on Tours in Vietnam will have the opportunity through the orchard such as orange, tangerine, rambutan, longan, jackfruit, banana. You can take photos, enjoy fruit in the garden or buy them as gifts for families and friends. If tired, along the way in the orchard, there are rest stops for visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours which are the simple leaf huts and the hammocks swinging in the wind.

Come to Da Han Waterfall, tourists will be surprised by the spectacular nature of this place. The air is fresher, the sound of streams murmuring, the sound of Da Han waterfall roaring, birds singing. All mix with other, creating a countryside symphony attracting people, it is enough to make every visitor forget about the noise and bustle of the city and tired after a week of hard work.

Da Han Waterfall is a collection of three waterfalls: Chang fall, Nang Waterfall, and Da Han Waterfall. According to the village elders in the region, this area was once the place where the Ma people live. At that time there were a boy and a girl who loved each other but could not get together, so they came to Da Han Waterfall to kill themselves. Then, two small waterfalls were created beside the main waterfall. The inhabitants of the area named Chang and Nang falls, also known as the Double Falls.

As the falls in the plain, all three waterfalls here are not high, but still, make visitors on Vietnam package Tours enjoy. The most interesting is immersing the body in the flow of water. Feeling the water clapping on your shoulder, your neck or diving in the cool water at the foot of falls is so great!