The New Check-In Destination In Danang

Van village, Tien Sa lighthouse and Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe lake are the places little known so peaceful space is appropriate for “change of air”.

Van Village

Van Village is a small village located on the Danang coastline, right at the foot of Hai Van Pass. It has beautiful scenery, suitable for camping trips on weekends.

Van village was formerly known as leprosy village a small village at the foot of the Hai Van pass, which is home to a small part of the people who have been leprosy living away from the city since the 1980s. With the support from the government, the villagers were able to integrate into the city people, so Van still retains many of the wild and rustic features of a fishing village. At present no one lives here, only a few people living in the vicinity still retain the fishing.

Coming to Van village, visitors on Eco Tour in Hoi An will enjoy a calm and quiet space with the whisper of the wind, the murmuring of the forest, the sound of the waves, the sound of the sea waves, etc. All are blended together, creating an ideal living space for those seeking peace.

The space is really quiet, no dust, no smoke, the air is fresh and cool in the beautiful scenery of mountain and sea. If you ever walk on the beach of Van village, you will feel relieved, you can abandon all sorrow in the busy city.

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Built on the edge of majestic Son Tra Peninsula, near the Intercontinental Hotel, Son Tra Lighthouse is one of many interesting places to attract many visitors who would like to come here when traveling in Da Nang.

Not only on Mui Nghe, Ban Co Mount or Linh Ung Pagoda, but you also can enjoy sightseeing the sea on Tien Sa lighthouse (also known as Son Tra lighthouse). Located at the peak of Son Tra Mount with a height of about 223 m above sea level, here you will have the opportunity to run through the winding road on the Son Tra peninsula and then zoom out your eyes to admire the vast sea.

As one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam, built in the 50s of the twentieth century, Tien Sa lighthouse with a height of 15.6 m is responsible for helping boats operating in Hue – Danang to orientate and position themselves. Standing on the lighthouse travellers of Tour in Vietnam will have a wide view from the mountains to the vast sea with the beautiful alluring scenery.

Son Tra lighthouse is a great place to visit for those who love to explore the beauty of the city by the Han River. A green lifestyle that is friendly to nature makes it become green space to attract tourists and create a fresh environment for the local people here.

Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe Lake

About 25 km west of Da Nang center, Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe lake is the destination for those who intend to take a picnic at weekend. To get there, you go along Highway 14B and the first image you will see is the dam 645 meters long and 25 meters high. Under the dam is a vast lake green all year-round and surrounded by green grass carpet.

Far away from the crowded and noisy city, the lake gives us a clear space, fresh, quiet. The tourist on Vietnam package Tours can hear the bird singing instead of the car horn, combined with the water flowing creating a soft music.

The scenery of the lake is not too majestic but very unique, surrounded by green mountains with sunlight reflecting on the lake as a painting of nature. More than that, there will be completely new and exciting experiences about this untouched human life. You can visit temporary houses on the edge of the lake, fruit farms, cattle farms.

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