Tay Thien Pagoda – The land of Buddha and Mother of Nation

About 80km north-west of Tam Dao National Park, Tay Thien is a unique historical-cultural complex among the majestic mountains and forests of Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province. Buddhist monuments are combined with the relics of the Mother of Nation Temple, which tourists can admire on Tours in Vietnam.

The scenery of Tay Thien is located in the basin of the Tam Dao primitive forest, in mid-point among national “blood vessels”, including the Hung Temple of the Van Lang state during the reign of King Hung, Hoa Lu – the ancient capital of Dai Viet, Tan Mount – Da River, the famous pagodas such as Huong Pagoda, Yen Tu pagoda; all create a strong feng shui based on the sacred mountains and the plain opening down the South, toward the sea.

The place Buddhism was found in Vietnam

Along the streams in Tay Thien, there are many temples and shrines dedicated to the Buddha and the Mother, especially Tay Thien (Upper Pagoda), Tay Thien Thang Long (Tay Thien Phu Nghi Pagoda) and Thien An pagoda. These three ancient temples are dates at least in the Tran Dynasty (8th century AD).

If you search Vietnam Tourist Information, you will see that genealogy of 18 generations of the Hung king have a paragraph: Hung Chieu Vuong (King Hung VII) when coming to Tam Dao mountain, he saw Tay Thien ancient pagoda worshipping Buddha. This is also the first stop of one of nine religion groups from Buddha land – India. The eighth group led by two monks Sona and Uttara, coming to Vietnam. When they pass the ancient capital of Van Lang in Phong Chau, they chose Thach Ban Mountain to propagandize Buddhism.

Since then, this mountain region was called Tây Thiên (West sky – the only place where the Buddha and Buddhism were found). Also from here, Buddhism has grown widely. Archaeological evidence confirmed that besides Yen Tu pagoda, Tay Thien was the national center of Buddhism in the peak of Buddhism in the country.

The most beautiful love story in 18 Hung Kings

Legend has it, Hung Chieu Vuong heard in Tam Dao mountain often have gods meetings so he came to here t admire the beautiful scenery. The scenery was alluring as paradise and mountain had a small pagoda with four letters “Ancient Tay Thien Pagoda”, so the king celebrated the offering incense celebration in 7 days 7 nights. Later, the king went down to the mountain and met Mrs. Lang Thi Tieu (born in Dong Lo village, Dai Dinh commune, Tam Duong) and got married to her.

When Thuc enemy attacked in the country, Dang Thi Tieu recruited soldiers, helped the King save the country, save the people. She and her husband opened the border, unified the country, taught the people to plant rice, built a peaceful and prosperous country.

When she died, she often blessed and helped the kings fight the enemy and defend the country. In the Le dynasty, she was ranked second after Tan Vien Mountain Saint, was honored as “Tam Dao Mountain Nation Mother” She is the supreme goddess -sponsor of the Tam Dao range, the embodiment of the Supreme Mother – one of the Gods governing the universe.

In Thach Ban mountain, the temple is located along with Tay Thien Pagoda, so also called Upper Tay Thien Pagoda. The pagoda is arranged so as to show respect, recognition of the love and merit of the talented woman. Visitors on Vietnam package Tours often come to there to offer incense and pray for best luck in the life.

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