Located on the romanticized central highlands region of Tay Nguyen Plateau, Dak Lak is a famous tourist destination for domestic and international people with the revered and preserved natural beauty such as: majestic rivers, lakes, mountains and rain forests especially it is the home to some dozens of ethnic minorities.  The weather here is typical, there are two distinctive seasons in a year: dry and rainy. Each season has its own fun. For instance, white coffee flowers blossom all the hills in March. It is the month that holds elephant racing festival in every single village while in December, wild flowers bloom yellow sparkling. Speaking of Buon Ma Thuat, most people think of the giant coffee fields, take part in How to go Vietnam, you definitely admire more than that like magnificent waterfalls, vast national mysterious gardens or the beauty of the legendary Serepok flow. Right now, we will show you some alluring beauty of the place.

Three Waterfalls

Standing a second position in Dak Lak, after coffee, a large number of breathtaking waterfalls locate within an hour of Buon Ma Thuat. A system of three Waterfalls: Gia Long, Dray- Nur, Drap Sap situated in Krong K’No province are fabulous and spectacular waterfalls. Dray Nur is a wife waterfall next to Drap Sap. It is up to 30m high, 150m wide, water flows year- round makes a whole area white. Coming here, you are able to immerse yourself into crystal clear water, enjoy a picnic, take a lot of picturesque photos, especially, have fun conversations with friendly locals.

Lak Lake

The diamond in the crown of Dak Lak, Lak Lake in Lawk province is the largest freshwater here, the second largest in the country. Always surrounded by vast, evergreen forests and plentiful vegetation, it is one of the most truly peaceful spots in Vietnam with blue, cool lake surface. Apart from the dramatic landscape, the lake having a unique name will leave you an unforgettable experience in mind with adventure on a traditional long boat or riding elephants. Therefore, Lak Lake has always become an indispensable spot in 14 Days in Vietnam.

Other interesting activities

If you want to live the life style of ethnic minorities, or want to come back time, you absolutely should pay a visit “Buon Jun- Buon Le”. It seems true that the life of Tay Nguyen maintains wild, rustic but brings an attractive beauty although suffering from fluctuation caused by the war. If you have never stayed in the floor house, this is an opportunity for you to discover it, stay in the house built by the people here.

Coming Dak Lak, you have a chance to take part in huge festivals. For example, the Gong Festival set up by several of ethnic groups is listed as ‘masterpiece of humanity’ by UNESCO heritage. More importantly, the food and other alluring natural scenery still not mentioned here. Should you want to see further, drop Vietnam Tourist Information where anything you wish to look for is all available.

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