Located on the south central coastal plain, Phu Yen Province is considered as one of the most strikingly beautiful natural landscapes of Vietnam with a lot of unique and attractive scenery. The diversity of topography, sightseeing such as mountain, plateau, plain, marine island, river, lakes, bays, etc has created many different ecosystems which have their own characteristics.

Furthermore, Phu Yen has a long history and culture which play a crucial role throughout the history of the Vietnamese. The cultural features are the interlacement of a large number of regions. Another thing is that the local are so friendly, hospitable, and so kind. All above things have already made the striking beauty alluring everyone. People including domestic and international have more and more increasingly booked it in Tours in Vietnam. Before you go, you need to visit Vietnam package Tours in order to see and jot down your notebooks about the places you can not miss.

Ghềnh Đá Đĩa

Situated in Tuy An Provine, far from Tuy Hoa City about 40 km, “Ghenh Da Dia” is estimated one of the most wonderful ones in the world and is recognized as National Landscape of Nature in 1998. It resembles a huge honeycomb with hexagonal and pentagonal stones aligned together.

The stone beach with thousands of stones sparkles mysterious black prominence between blue sea water and white flapping waves. Coming here, visitors can catch boat baskets because this place is like a landing of fishermen – the children of the sea as they rush for the trip or quietly return when all the work has completed.

Vũng Rô

Vung Ro is a tiny yet beautiful bay located in Dong Hoa Province, next to Deo Ca Mountain. From this mountain looking down, the bays will mesmerize tourists with a spectacular, romantic view. Nowadays, the calm sea year round is a home to hundreds of boats and aquaculture. Besides, there are many small and medium sandy beaches like Bai Chua, Bai Bang, Bai Lau.

Van Hoa Plateau

Supposed as Dat Lat of Phu Yen, this plateau which is full of sun, wind, fog belongs to Son Hoa Province in the height of 400m. One thing is interesting that the climate here is always lower than Tuy Hoa, you will see a lot of fog like Dat Lat in every single day.

Other interesting spots

Phu Yen possesses not only the above beautiful scenery, but also other interesting spots such as: Dong Cam Damp which has the meaning of significant economic, history plus dramatic landscape and unique architecture, Mang Lang Church, Nhan Tower….

Apart from that, you have a chance to experience the delicious rustic dishes and explore the popular culture here. Do not procrastinate anymore, contact  Best destination in Vietnam right now to have an unforgettable experience in Vietnam.

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