Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt is still a strange name in the map of Vietnam, but with the people of Dong Thap, Xeo Quyt is a place to find and remember the national origin, this is a place that holds many cultural and historical values as well as a spacious and airy ecosystem, beautiful scenery with a variety of useful activities. Come to the peaceful Xeo Quyt in the journey to Dong Thap!

Overview of Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt is different from conventional ecological zones because it is linked to history, which was formerly the revolutionary base Xeo Quyt, experienced the “enemy’s bomb rains”. About 50 hectares, including 20 hectares of primary melaleuca forest, it is hard to imagine that this place with canals, dense weeds, reeds today is a famous tourist resort of Dong Thap.

However, thanks to the stories of resistance, Xeo Quyt is an ideal spot for tourism for all, where you not only enjoy the natural ecological space but also learn more about the historical moments in the process of building and defending country.

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Xeo Quyt is located between the two communes of My Long and My Hiep, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province, which was built as a historical site combining a spacious ecological area with beautiful scenery. Visitors on Sai Gon City Tour can go to Xeo Quyt by way of a path of more than 1.5km of zigzag leading into the deep inside the relic, or sit on a sampan crossing the canal through the forest.

The easiest way for tourists is to go through An Huu (Cai Be – Tien Giang) crossroad to Long Hiep Bridge and reach Xeo Quyt by sampan or go from the route No.1 to route No.30. The road is not difficult to go and quite close to Saigon, Xeo Quyt is chosen by a lot of young people for the short backpack trip.

Rich and diverse ecosystem

Not only Melaleuca forest makes you overwhelmed when coming here, Xeo Quyt also has mangrove and vines trees systems bringing visitors on Tours in Vietnam the feeling of freshness in the green and cool nature.

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In addition, Xeo Quyt possesses a diverse ecosystem, with about 170 species of plants adapted to conditions here, about 200 species of wildlife including rare species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book for visitors to explore and discover.

Things to do in Xeo Quyt

Visiting Xeo Quyt, visitors of Vietnam Travel Agent also has two options as the road leading here. The first option is taking a 1.5 km long walk on the road. You will have the opportunity to walk under the green trees, admire the nature created by the hands of Mother Nature and take photos, wander along the winding path until you are tired.

The experience with sampan boat seems to be more exciting, the time to enjoy this activity on the boat is only about 45 minutes. Tourists will admire the green of trees and water on the boat rowed by the guerrilla girls with black Vietnamese silk ensemble, through the small winding canals, and the relics located in the interior of Melaleuca forests.

Whether you experience the beauty of Xeo Quyt on foot or by boat, you will also enjoy nature, watching ancient Melaleuca forests, hyacinth rarely found in Dong Thap Muoi. There are melaleuca trees more than 30 years old, with green moss, sometimes appearing animal species … create many highlights for your visit to Xeo Quyt Melaleuca forest.