Bai Dau Beach

Vung Tau city, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, is a resort city in the beach for summer in our country. Vung Tau has a favorable location to develop sea tourism because the city has 3 sides bordering the sea with a 20km long coastline, with many smooth sandy beaches, steep cliffs and rows of trees green all year round next to the bay. The beaches have the arc shape, water surface quite tranquil, creating the famous destinations for visitors. There are many famous beaches such as Tam Duong, Bai Sau, Vong Nguyet, Hang Bang, Bai Dua … and especially Bai Dau which is well-known in recent years.

Each beach in the coastal city of Vung Tau owns a different beauty. If the Bai Truoc beach is in the center of the city, look like a small bay in the middle of the mountain, the beach has fewer strong waves, on the beach there are coconut, willow, tropical-almond, creating more cool shade and many beautiful villas, Bai Sau Beach is famous as a beach 8km long, beautiful and clean, attracting a large number of tourists on Tours in Vietnam. Vong Nguyet beach brings a fanciful and sparkling beauty, with very clean seawater and the strong waves making you feel this is an adventure. Hang Bang (Lang Du) beach is a small beach, located among the cliffs at the foot of Nho Mountain. And different from the hustle and bustle of Bai Sau, Bai Truoc Beach or the city center, Bai Dau is nestled around the foothills of Lon Mountain. Bai Dau is quite quiet, peaceful and has much unique romance.

Bai Dau is located west of Lon Mountain and north of Vung Tau city center. From Bai Truoc Beach, along Tran Phu coastal road, passing Bach Diem relics about 3km, you can reach Dau beach. Before called Dau beach, the place was called Vung May (Calamus forest) beach because of the calamus forest here. Today, rattan and forest strawberry is no longer but its name is associated with this romantic beach.

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In Bai Dau many romantic rocky rapids, the two ends of the beach have many large cliffs protruding the sea, behind the beach is the terrain which is covered with trees as large mountains. Coming to Dau beach, the air is not so noisy that it gives visitors a sense of serenity. Sometimes, in the peak season, Bai Dau still crowded, with many people taking Tour in Vietnam coming here to play, sea bathing, creating a bustling atmosphere here.

The foot of Lon Mountain is steep and close to the sea. Among the deep blue of the sea and the green of the jungle, the statue of the Virgin Mary which is nearly 30 meters high and the bright white buildings stand out the cool color. This is also a tourist attraction, especially for Christians who come to Bai Dau.

Virgin Mary in Bai Dau Beach is the name of a complex of shrines and monuments of Mary, located on the other side of Lon Mountain in Vung Tau City. It is also the place where regular meetings of the Vietnamese Bishops’ Conference took place.

Bai Dau is not located in the center of town, but the road to the beach is very convenient because the beaches in Vung Tau are not far from the residential area. In addition, in the position of Dau beach visitors on Vietnam package Tours can admire the harmonious mountain landscape. From here, you can look at the East Sea at sunrise and sunset.

Walking on the soft sand beach, enjoying the cool of the sea breeze and fun with the calm blue water of the sea is not something very special, but in Bai Dau, people can be completely satisfied because Bai Dau has all the necessary for a vacation, relax after school days or tiring work days.